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New band, and new solo gigs!

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

It's been quite awhile since I've posted! Plenty has been happening around here. I will provide a brief synopsis here, and the Bio page will be updated as well.

Teaching wise, I'm still with USD 259, but am now at Seltzer Elementary (replacing Jefferson), while my previous secondary school, Enders Magnet, has now become my primary "base" building. I love both schools very much! This year has had a strong start, and I look forward to the many great things still to happen.

This past summer (2022) has been quite life-changing. I began playing solo nursing home gigs, mostly with ComfortCare Homes group, using my MalletKAT and my MacBook. I greatly enjoy playing music for the residents, and seeing their joy warms my heart every time! I will still be doing the occasional ComfortCare gig as my teaching schedule allows.

And finally, after having considered myself somewhat retired from the local band scene, I joined a brand new band called Eclectix! You can find us at, where we have all of our upcoming dates listed. Gigs continue to come in fast, and we are excited for the future. I've come to realize how much I miss playing in live bands, and I'm very thrilled to be doing this again!

I don't get much time to post blogs these days, so I can't say when I'll post again. Still, to all readers, I hope you safe and doing well. I also hope to see you at a future Eclectix gig!


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