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In a word: Updates!

It has truly been awhile! In fact, the world was different when I wrote last. COVID-19 didn’t exist, and concerts and all other type events that involved more than ten people was as common as getting up to eat breakfast. These are very tough times for us all, and we will get through this, no matter how long it takes. My simple advice for those interested includes frequent washing of hands, keeping your heads, not getting distracted with all the chest-beating negativity on social media, and keep your families close! We’re all in this together.

Time for a recap:

For the 2019-20 year, I was co-Band director at Augusta schools. A challenging year that I’m very grateful for, and learned a lot from. However, I knew by Christmas it simply wasn’t for me long-term. So, I’m pleased to say I‘ve recently accepted a job with Wichita Public Schools as a traveling music teacher between two elementary schools (Jefferson and Enders). I am very excited to start in August, and looking forward to working alongside the excellent teachers and staff in both buildings!

In the present COVID-19 world, I’ve been getting involved with virtual performances, and having lots of fun playing from home! Here’s a recent cover a group of musician friends and I did. This is the Rush classic “Analog Kid” and we may do more in the future:

I think I speak for all serious drummers when I say we lost a huge part of our family in January. The passing of Neil Peart was truly devastating for many, and it was great to see so many people (not just musicians!) posting their tributes to the man and his work. My official tribute to Neil was recording a cover of his 1987 percussion piece, “Pieces Of Eight.” You can check it out here:

I also have a brand new marimba piece up for streaming and download on my BandCamp page. The piece is called “New Normal” and can be found here: Finally, I recently did a session with children’s recording artist/performer Randy Sauer, otherwise known as “Jammin’ Randy.” I played drums on his new song “Be Happy,” and you can check it out here:

Please be sure to follow my Facebook and YouTube pages, which are located by the respective icons on top of my website. This way you can get notified of all video postings right when they happen. Likewise with my BandCamp, so you can be the first to hear any new music I release.

Keep staying well and safe!


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